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  • Los Bravos – Black Is Black: The Anthology 1966-1969 (2017)

Los Bravos – Black Is Black: The Anthology 1966-1969 (2017)

Los Bravos – Black Is Black: The Anthology 1966-1969 (2017), Spain, 16.12.17

1. Black Is Black (Negro Es Negro)
2. No Se Mi Nombre (I Want a Name)
3. Will You Always Love Me (Has de Amarme Siempre)
4. Quiero Gritar
5. Una Flor Corte
6. Recopilacion
7. I Want a Name
8. Trapped (Prisionero)
9. Baby, Baby (Vive)
10. Make It Easy for Me (Don FelipãN)
11. She Believes in Me (Me Espera)
12. Stop That Girl (La Parada Del AutobãS)
13. Give Me a Chance (Dame Una Oportunidad)
14. I’m Cuttin’ Out (Se Acabã)
15. Two Kinds of Lovers (Dos Clases de Enamorados)
16. You Won’t Get Far (La Primera Amistad)
17. Baby, Believe Me (La Moto)
18. I DonâT Care
19. Don’t Be Left Out in the Cold
20. Uno Come Noi
21. Going Nowhere
22. Brand New Baby
23. I’m All Ears (Soy Todo Oidos)
24. You’ll Never the Chance Again (No VolverãS a Tener Suerte)
25. Like Nobody Else (Como Nadie Mas)
26. I’m Wearing a Smile (LlãVala Una Sonrisa)
27. Te Quiero Asã (Like She Feels Tonight)
28. Bye Bye Baby
29. Don’t Get in My Way (Sigue Tu Camino)
30. Come When I Call (Ven Cuando Te Llame)

1. Show Me
2. Sympathy
3. IâVe Been Hearing Things
4. Then the Sun Goes Down
5. Get Out of My Life
6. This Way, That Way (Donde Estes)
7. Down Down
8. Bring a Little Lovin’
9. Make It Last
10. Play with Fire and You’ll Get Burned
11. You Got Until the Morning
12. I’ll See You Through
13. Deeper Roots
14. Yakipo
15. She’s My Girl
16. Dime Donde Estoy
17. If I Were a River
18. Just Holding on
19. Weâ’ll Make It Together
20. Save Me, Save Me
21. Baby I Love You
22. Cool It
23. Individuality
24. Viva la Vida
25. Amor y Simpatia (Love and Sympathy)
26. Dirty Street
27. Live Girl
28. Wait a Minute
29. Como Superman
30. Two People in Me

Artista: Los Bravos
Álbum: Black Is Black: The Anthology 1966-1969
Género: Pop, Rock
Año: 2017
Calidad: mp3 320 Kbps
Tamaño: 360 MB
Release: 01/09/2017

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